You Can Quit Counting Calories Now

You Can Quit Counting Calories Now

We create custom macro plans for clients in Casper, WY

Tracking calories isn't the most effective way to manage your weight. Eating enough sources of protein, fat and other macronutrients can help you reach your goal weight and feel better overall. Empowered Hustle and Fitness memberships come with custom nutrition plans, so don't wait to become a member of our gym in Casper, WY.

We're certified through the Precision Nutrition Level One program, which allows us to...

  • Share cutting-edge nutrition science with our clients
  • Create custom macro plans for every client
  • Help our clients achieve lasting results

We'll need to know your height, weight, age and fitness goals to create a nutrition plan that meets your needs. Reach out today so we can get started.

If you want a custom macro plan and access to our women's-only fitness classes in Casper, WY, sign up for a...

  • Punch pass, which includes five classes
  • Month-to-month membership
  • Six-month membership

If you want to extend your membership after six months, you'll be eligible for a discount. Call 307-262-4317 now to learn more.